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What is IT Support?

The term itself is self-explanatory, IT Support is the assistance given with any IT (Information Technology) issues that may arise. Therefore, you can find IT Support professionals, with varying degrees of experience and expertise providing this type of assistance. The number of IT Support professionals within a business will vary depending on the size. If you are looking for an IT Support job role, you can either be the sole IT Support professional within a small business setting, or you might be one of many within a larger organisation.

How much can you get paid in IT Support?

If you are exploring the idea of working in IT Support then one of the main questions will be how much can you get paid? The answer will obviously vary depending on various factors such as location, company and your experience and skills. The following is a broad range of salaries you can earn, which are dependent on your level of experience:

Entry-level: With the majority of graduate/entry-level jobs you can earn from £17,000 to £23,000.

Mid-Career stage (with around 5+ years’ experience): A London city-based job could earn you an average salary of £34,437.

Senior-Level: If you are working at a senior level you can look at earning a salary of around £47,905.

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Do I need a degree to get into IT Support?

When it comes to the level of qualifications required for IT Support, a degree is not essential, although it would be helpful in securing a job. Some companies may even have a requirement for candidates to have degrees. However, having relevant experience and skills is becoming increasingly more important in getting a job rather than the level of qualifications.

Some relevant degrees that may help you get your career started in IT Support include but are not limited to; computer science, computer engineering, information systems and information technology.

You may also want to gain relevant qualifications and you can find a variety of training course with Cisco and Microsoft online.


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